The Chief of the Brazilian Aeronautical Commission in Washington (“BACW”), located at 1701 22nd Street, N.W. - Washington, D.C. 20008 –USA, hereby notifies, to whom it may concern, that the BACW shall carry out a a Bidding Process, to be awarded based on Lowest Global Price Per Engine, for the contracting of a specialized company for the repair and recovery services of 1 (one) engine AE3007 A1 (PN 23070401 – SN CAE311642) reidentified to AE3007 A1, PN as per “SB 72-149 – ENGINE – AE 3007A1P TO AE 3007A1 ENGINE REIDENTIFICATION”, TSN: 19881:40, CSN: 14239, TSLSV: 5693:15, CSLSV: 3732 (REQUISITION GLKR20601C4),  and 1 (one) engine AE3007 A1 (PN 23070991, SN CAE311096), TSN: 15960:40, CSN: 16778, TSLSV: 5293:55, CSLSV: 4001, REQUISITION GLKR17002C4), including its accessories as well as incorporation of selected service bulletins and, according to terms, quantities, price limit and other applicable requirements established in the Basic Project.  

Open session for the receipt of the Qualification Documents and Price Proposals shall be held on March 26, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. EST at the BACW.